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Had anybody been successfull determining XRapid volume?


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Hi guys, does anybody know if there been successful atempts in tracing the Xrapid volume. Would like to know where we at in regard Xrapid Vs speculative Volume.



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I'm afraid very low. Assumption (we all make) you would think in the link above for instance an increasing xRapid daily volume, but as at least in that link that is not the case.

With all of the new kids on the block lately that is a bit concerning to me.


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7 hours ago, Naimless said:

This is probably the closest anyone has come.


I'm not technically savvy when it comes to this type of analysis however, the way I was reading the article it seemed to indicate that xrapid volume was higher when the price of XRP was higher. This makes sense given a higher price allows users to send larger amounts and pay less in fees and generally larger volume transfers are more feasible given less XRP needs to be sent. Was anyone else getting the same interpretation from the article? Curious to see what everyone thinks.

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