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9 minutes ago, Sukrim said:

Isn't it "whom should we follow"?

Apropos of nothing, I once heard an obsessively details-focused guy described thusly:

"He was the type of guy who, if he had been around at the creation of universe, would have stood around making faces at God for not consulting him on how best to do it."

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Thanking you very much sir , a great read @Hodor as always,  things at the moment are just ramping up (except price :D I'm ok with that for now) positive news is coming in thick and fast, it's been a great month, March is going to be better , there's so many things on the horizon. Positively mind blowing. 

tell me you love me wow GIF by Demi Lovato

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4 hours ago, DividendGamer said:

Just don't follow people that are promoting with fake accounts and followers and bots to promote themselves like @haydentiff and @xrptrump


They are manipulative liars that just paid for the content.

Complete and absolute nonsense.

I also have a large number of "bot accounts" following me: It has nothing to do with 'paying' for them. :P Bots are controlled for various purposes - many times for nefarious anti-follower purposes.   The person controlling the twitter account being followed has literally nothing to do with who controls the bots or makes the decision to follow them.  

I can tell readers 100% that they are not "liars" (proof of this accusation?) and that they don't "pay" for content.  Again, no proof.

Stop the personal attacks in my thread or I'll ask for moderation.  Your only warning is this one.


The other disturbing thing?  I'm not asking readers to follow me or anybody you accused.  I profiled Eva Kaili and started a discussion about the important impact of social media.  Your random accusation was just you looking for an excuse to spew nonsense, IMO. 

Edited by Hodor

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