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Vitalik Buterin Says Ripple’s XRP Is A Better Option Than Bitcoin Due To Institutional Adoption And Partnerships

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XRP Price moving up while BTC is stagnating.

Are people buying XRP because Vitalik said it is better than BTC ?

I don't see any other reason why XRP would be moving on its own today the 25th February. I never do it but if I type XRP news, I see Vitalik's quote. So, that could be the reason, I guess ?

It made me giggle for a second... It's 2019 and people are buying / selling whatever this guy says.

And the day after they sell / buy another asset because another guy said something else.

If it is true, I have far more respect for pigeons than this type of people. Anyway I do love all birds so the previous statement can only be true.

These investors are like these:


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2 hours ago, Arenys said:

Yeah that's what makes Ripple stand out on the crypto market. The company has some huge partnerships and numerous banks now are testing its technologies. So XRP price predictions are rather bullish. I like that this coin brings value into the market

stop doing your SEO tasks for your website using this forum






EDIT: actually I think you should be banned right away being your contents here very poor






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57 minutes ago, Dario_o said:

Wow, You outed Arenys as an SEO pusher....HAHAHA

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