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Google invests in Ripple in 2013. Why will not they promote XRP?

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Just speculating, but if you’re truly a believer in it’s future and you’re truly in it for the long-game, you might just want the price to grow organically at a stable pace which genuinely matches its

Certainly Ripple is included in GV 's portfolio. But Cryptocurrency is the democratic currency. First of all, we will need to spread XRP in grassroots movement. And child will grow up in e

Google invests in Ripple in 2013. Why will not they promote XRP? https://gigaom.com/2013/05/14/google-ventures-invests-in-opencoin-the-firm-behind-bitcoin-exchange-ripple/ I think as follows

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On 2/26/2019 at 2:03 AM, lll_lll said:

Did you just say that? That’s like saying I gave 10 kids so I can’t love them all.

This is the single worst thing to do when investing lmao. 


Literally, dont get attached to your investments, they dont love you back. 

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I very much doubt that Google is (blindly) speculating on the future of XRP. By that I mean that I find it a little inconceivable that Ripple would not have some sort of contact with the brains of the most powerful internet company in the world... particularly given the amount of money and forward-thinking that Ripple has devoted to its college funds, xpring, etc. 

Point being, it’s disingenuous to imagine Google merely “speculating” on xrp’s furure. 

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