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How to enable Master key


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My friend is having trouble with his ripple wallet.
He first set regular key, and disabled master key. After that, change the regular key to master key ripple address.

now he can't send ripple from that wallet and no change possible.

when I put secret key of master key, it says " Master key disabled."
if I put secret key of regular key, it says "tefBAD_AUTH: Transaction's public key is not authorized"
how can I solve this ?  anyone know about this ? 

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hi thanks for reply
yeah I had read that, but I think it's not as same as my case


I have tested by myself and same problem occured.

First I set regular key, and disable master.  at this time, I can re-enable master key using secret key of regular key.

but after  I set regular key again to change master key ripple address, left master key disabled, it seems like stuck.
I have put  regular key secret and master key secret, but both of keys an error,,,,

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