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Happy Valentine's Day from JP Morgan

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Did you read that 100+ post thread in the 2 minutes since I pointed you to it?  That's my "newbie" objection. We've done this.  I showed you where.  You don't want to read it, you want to teach us all

No Commercial bank or Stablecoin will ever be able to maintain a "first mover advantage" over Central Bank issued CBDC. There is a difference between... "money in the bank", aka bank liabilities.

1)  Anytime some newbie says "let's examine our collective biases" (apropos of me not asking), that's flag #1. 2)  Anytime some newbie says, implicitly, in their opening statement, "if you don't

4 hours ago, 7Bs said:

JPM coin isn't joining the SDR basket any time soon. XRP probably isn't either, but the odds are more in XRPs favor.

XRP will become the accidental hero when a small subset of banks hold it during a currency failure event and they discover how valuable a tool it is in a crisis. It will make a great dump truck for carrying and establishing auditable trails for SDR disbursements.

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On 2/16/2019 at 12:44 AM, jheff said:

Stablecoins aren't bank coins. I'm not worried about Tether, USDC, etc. JPMC is not just a stablecoin on Binance that scrapes a few bps off the top. 

It is the combination of banking giants and stablecoins that is the problem. Maybe XRP has a chance in the remittance industry but to my prior point about the securities and derivatives industry? Yeah, no shot. JPM has a stablecoin and smart contract platform for this and has the book of business. This limits the use cases for XRP and definitely reduces the future value of the investment. 

securities and derivatives have to be traded against the nation's currency (the nation where the assets are traded). XRP never had a shot at directly trading for ANY equities or bonds, regulations would never allow it.

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