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Xrp, coil, twitch and amazon connections and use case


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Background for those unfamiliar :

   Twitch. Com is a streaming site somewhat similar to youtube and vimo aimed at the gaming community. Content creators make money mostly from monthly subscriptions and ad sales. Currently every amazon prime member can get one free channel subscription as a benefit. 


In 2016 twitch was acquired by Amazon. In 2019 Coil is making micropayments to twitch creators. I think this could be considered as a small scale test of the xrp ecosystem by the amazon payment ecosystem. 

Therefore i would suggest that every coil user tries to find a twitch channel that they can watch even a small amount each month ( they have some general discussion talk show channels) . The higher the twitch /coil volume the better the chance that Amazon will spend more time investigating what else makes sense for it.





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My speculation is that amazon is watching how well/ badly coil and twitch work together. Coil paying  twitch has been stated by coil. 


When I go to a twitch site, my coil plugin activates. I assume that  payment is being/will be made to twitch and then eventually the creator.  Does that not happen with your coil account on a  twitch page ? 



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