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Bitforex exchange requiring tag for withdrawal. Any workaround?


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Hi, with most exchange we can choose a "no tag" option to withdraw to individual wallet, but I am using one exchange that requires a tag (and they call it a "memo" to make this even more confusing) without any mean to withdraw to a wallet without a tag.

Is there any workaround I could use to go around that, like a default tag that would indicate that my address has no tag or if I enter any tag would it go to my address without a tag anyway?


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I use BitForex since its the only way I know that I can purchase XRP and a few others.

Also, their customer service seems to have gotten their stuff together since 2019. I accidentally sent my entire bag of XRP to the exchange without putting a destination tag aka Tag Memo, and they got back to me today. They are asking me to send them proof that I know how to send it using their little tag memo thing by way of a screenshot style video in order to get my XRP back. I will post the video on YouTube seeing as to how there is no BitForex specific guide and I'll update you guys here. 


Edit: I just uploaded a video on youtube called "How To Send XRP to BitForex from Trust Wallet (Read Description)"

Let's see if BitForex is true to their word. 

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isn't that only true if you're going from exchange to wallet but not wallet to exchange?

also, issue resolved. Thank god too because XRP hit 1.62 and I needed to cash out asap while I was up 2.5X, some would hold out for longer but I am not a greedy man. 

BitForex did the right thing!!

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 5.01.51 AM.png

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