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Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

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There are a few possibilities: 1) The role of Chief Market Strategist is truly unneeeded now. 2) Cory succeeded in whatever goal he had and decided to exit/was pushed out. 3) Cory was u

Brad said "Cory, if we slip back to #3 again, you're toast!"

Cory's job was to market XRP as a DA independent of Ripple's control, we could assume that his job is done and XRP has reached the required level to not be deemed a security.

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On 2/12/2019 at 3:45 PM, KaaKaRmA said:

It looks like Miguel Vias is gone from leadership team on website as well. May be a strategic move to distance themselves from having influence on XRP for purpose of regulations.


On 2/12/2019 at 8:18 PM, 7Bs said:

Let's keep an eye on Vias' Twitter. If he leaves we're either in big shiza or individuals truly cannot be associated with the bridge asset XRP anymore because it's so big it needs an OPEC-like consortium.

Miguel is still busy at ripple


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I hate how everyone in the digital asset world doesn't think that there can be failures and mistakes. Imagine how many people would still be saying "Just wait the day will still come" if xRapid somehow got screwed up and a couple companies decided to stop using it. I'm not saying this will happen at all (just using it as food for thought). People can literally read anything about their digital asset of choice and think that every story is positive and/or has a silver lining. That is why this market does not value digital assets properly. Maybe Corey tried to point out something to Ripple and they disagreed and fired him. Maybe he failed at what he was hired for. Him being let go not even a year in is not positive though.

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Remember when Cory Tweeted the photo of him shaking hands with the Canadian PM with the caption, “This matters,” and then removed it within just a few minutes?

I’m not suggesting that that cost him a job, but it was apparently sloppy, and I’m guessing he wouldn’t have taken it down unless Brad called him and ordered him to.

Pure speculation of course, but why else does one hastily remove a selfie of themselves with a PM?


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1 hour ago, princesultan said:

That's kinda weird...

True. However, when Ripple is claiming XRP isn’t a security, it’s very likely the SEC would need to see they have no influence over it, such as specific positions within the company focused around its growth etc.  It’s a weird situation which we’ll all likely never know the answer too. 

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