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Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

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Seems to me like they’re just pruning some low hanging fruit. He was there to help explain the Ripple + XRP distinction and I believe this is them saying his job is done. 

One of my fav quotes:


If you think this is Ripple saying they’re strapped for cash, just remember they are opening offices in Dubai+Hong Kong...

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There are a few possibilities: 1) The role of Chief Market Strategist is truly unneeeded now. 2) Cory succeeded in whatever goal he had and decided to exit/was pushed out. 3) Cory was u

Brad said "Cory, if we slip back to #3 again, you're toast!"

Cory's job was to market XRP as a DA independent of Ripple's control, we could assume that his job is done and XRP has reached the required level to not be deemed a security.

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10 hours ago, lucky said:

Cory being "Chief Market Strategist" always seemed a bit odd to me...

Yeah, I didn't think he fit that role well at all. To me, he didn't do justice articulating Ripple's vision as well as it needed. Every time I would listen to him, whether it was a panel discussion or a one-on-one, I always felt that he lacked the ability to closed the deal. If I hadn't known anything about Ripple prior to listening to him, I wouldn't be convinced of Ripple's ability to take on SWIFT and to transform and transmogrify the transfer of value globally. They need someone who has better business acumen and a deeper understanding of Ripple's tech stack (not necessarily the nuts and bolts, i.e. mathematical equations etc.), but someone more versed about it. I felt like he repeated the same tired script over and over. He basically, took over Brad's infamous line (paraphrasing): "We can stream video or send a text from the space station instantly, but can't move money from one country to the next just as fast." I know that I'm going to get hammered for saying this, but I've felt this way for a loooooonnnnngggg time!!!

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16 minutes ago, 7Bs said:

Was he Vias' boss or did they do two different things?

Very different things.  Miguel heads up markets and is responsible for expanding RippleNet and our beloved XRP's reach and building liquidity.  Cory was responsible for delivering a consistent and accurate message to the public.  I always wondered whether Tom Channick could also be doing Cory's role?  Another thing to consider is that its possible Cory signed a ~1 year contract with Ripple.  We don't know the terms and conditions of their original engagement.  

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2 minutes ago, aavkk said:

  Another thing to consider is that its possible Cory signed a ~1 year contract with Ripple.  We don't know the terms and conditions of their original engagement.  

It could also be that Cory Johnson simply got bored because there was nothing left for him to do.

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A couple of interesting points here (forgive me, others might have raised these, commenting quickly):-

  • the job itself has been eliminated - they will not replace Cory as the job title itself has disappeared
  • they say "due to market conditions",  the job itself is no longer necessary

...I think it might be something SEC hinted/requested to Ripple.  Maybe Cory's role evangelised XRP too much, and SEC noted that to Ripple.  Remember when David's Schwartz job title changed from Chief Cryptographer to Chief Technical Officer? That was surely Ripple separating themselves from XRP.  Cory did talk a lot about XRP and maybe that raised a flag. 

Or maybe it's even more obvious - they literally don't need that role any longer because everything's in place.

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