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Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

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Has Corey Johnson left team Ripple?

If so does anyone have a clue as to why?


Thanks to all who quickly responded.  It appears he may have simply been there solely for a specific objective and the team feels he’s met that objective and or isn’t able to move the needle any more towards it. Either way the abrupt and seemingly unexpected exit feels a little awkward.  Business is often brutal.


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Thanking those who quickly replied.
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There are a few possibilities: 1) The role of Chief Market Strategist is truly unneeeded now. 2) Cory succeeded in whatever goal he had and decided to exit/was pushed out. 3) Cory was u

Brad said "Cory, if we slip back to #3 again, you're toast!"

Cory's job was to market XRP as a DA independent of Ripple's control, we could assume that his job is done and XRP has reached the required level to not be deemed a security.

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Doesn't look good.  Cory was developing a high profile as a face of Ripple so for him to go so suddenly after giving up his previous high profile job less than a year ago to join Ripple .  Personally I always found him intellectually weak and lightweight but he seemed to be gaining some traction recently and was gradually impressing me a bit more than at first..

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