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There Is No Such Thing As "Dormant Funds" In Banking

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6 minutes ago, ADingoAteMyXRP said:

The sad part is that this feud is only publicizing her, driving clicks for Forbes, and manufacturing the illusion that there’s a debate. 

This is how misinformation campaigns operate. The goal is not to convince people of the lie, it’s to dull their convictions in the truth.

Exactly.  And that's why outing the illusion early and often is critical in the smear campaign.  It might elevate some clicks for a moment, but with excellent counterpoints to dull the nauseating smear these campaigns die suddenly.

Below is a fascinating analysis of the health of global correspondent banking for anyone that's interested, it's risks, pitfalls, and effects to multiple regions around the globe.   This is exactly the problem fintechs (such as Ripple) are trying to solve.  Inclusiveness in value transfer only helps the world. The tired old system of high priced, slow crawling "correspondent banking" is an eyesore in the 21st century global connected economy. Additionally most banks don't even have nostro/vostro account relationships.  Fintech opens up an entirely new criteria for which banks can do business.

the whole document below:


page 5 below:


page 25-26 below:


page 14-15 below:


Somehow Ms. Coppola has failed to include the grave problems facing legacy banking systems as stated by some of the world's most authoritative voices in banking finance.  



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1 hour ago, lucky said:

She appears extremely uncurious and hateful to anyone who disagrees with her. That is not at all the right mentality to acquire knowledge and insight into complex matters. That makes me think, either she does not have knowledge, or she's really "doing her job" for which she accepted a handsome payment: discredit Ripple, at the costs of her own reputation. If you look at her tweets in that light, she does deliver pretty well.

i really don't think she's being paid to discredit ripple. i think she's just one of those people that thinks she's smarter than everyone else. again, her resume says it all. low-ish to mid-level level jobs her whole career but talking like like she had VP level experience at a bank. i would shut up if her resume was even close to impressive.

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After a two-year stint as Associate Editor at the online magazine Pieria, Frances is now a freelance writer and speaker. She is a contributor to Forbes and the Financial Times, and writes for a range of industry publications.She is a senior writer for American Express’s FX and international payments division, and a Managing Editor at Contently.com. She has spoken on monetary policy, finance and economics at conferences in both the UK and Europe, and moderated at FT Alphaville conferences. Future plans include writing a book on the Greek crisis.

Frances writes and speaks extensively with knowledge and authority on the future of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, and their place in the future of finance and banking including the possibility of increased regulation and compliance.


Hmm she is a writer for American Express which suports ripple


This whole thing seems so fishy

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8 minutes ago, Zerp_Legend said:

Maybe @Ripple-Stiltskin knows this.

I found the term "loro" account which means if for example Bank B holds an account for Bank A. 

From A's perspective this is a nostro account and for B it is a loro account, so they mirror each other.


Now Frances claims that Nostro and Vostro are mirror images but not true, as I understand it Nostro and Loro accounts are mirror images. 


And why should Nostro and Vostro be the same? Maybe an African Bank needs to do lots of payments in USD, zhence creating a nostro account. That doesnt mean that the partnerbank in the US needs to make lots of payments in an African currency (vostro account)


Vostro and Nostro cant even be the same because they are held in different currencies


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