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Hi all, been around since nov 17 looking at this forum nearly every day and finally have become a member. 

I heard about bitcoin maybe 5 years ago from a colleague and how you could ‘mine’ bitcoin and make money. I didn’t take the time to understand the concept and didn’t really get interested. Wish I had paid more attention back then....but only to make some money of course. 

Looked further into this space in 2017 and quickly came to the conclusion that bitcoin is technologically limited, hence the narrative of bitcoin being a ‘store of value’. At the same time I came across xrp (and the 1000 plus other digital assets) and believed  that xrp was superior. 

The biggest criticism of xrp at the time was the so called ‘centralisation’ on account of the xrp ledgers validation mechanism, and also that xrp was a so called ‘banksters coin’. LOL that one still gives me a laugh. I’m certain the centralisation question has been answered over the past year, and happy to see ‘centralisation’ shots fired back to the mining crowd.

I’m thinking long term and look forward to seeing what unfolds over the next five-ten years, not just for xrp but globalisation generally. 




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