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Is this xRapid volume?

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2 hours ago, xrpatient said:

I've been watching that bitstamp sell wall for days. Boring I know.......my wife hates me. However it's almost gone.

How would I know if I were looking at something like a sell wall?  I don't know how to make any sense of most of the figures that I see, or even the specific meanings of the different categories - but I'm eager to learn.


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Payments are just XRP movements from one XRP account to another. You don't know whether the account represents an actual transfer of ownership. It is very unlikely that that number is due to xRapid otherwise you'd have a corresponding volume of buy/sell action on the orderbooks of xRapid partners. xRapid volume is very likely an exceeding small percentage of the overall XRPL payment volume at this time. Less than 1%. Probably less than 0.1%.

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