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XRP Based Streaming Platform

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I've currently got a lot of extra time at work and I've been reading about how much censorship is getting worse in today's world and have been thinking about blockchain alternatives to today's current media giants like Twitch and Youtube. I remember twitch first started as a simple streaming site that had an edgy new domain name with the .tv extension so why can't there be a blockchain version of twitch.tv?

What would be the benefits of opening up a streaming platform using XRP as a base currency? Would we want to use XRP to only process payments/tips, and would this be better than something like Tron since XRP IS faster than Tron? 

I ask this because I used to be part of Steemit and there was a blockchain based streaming platform called DLive and it used STEEM as a way to pay streamers and they would keep 100% of the profits. Sadly, DLive decided to leave STEEM and create its own coin and simply used steemit to get people using their platform but it got me thinking about other blockchain based streaming options. We all know the Amazon /Twitch are catering towards the little children demographic and banning people for voicing their opinions and I really believe that people should not be able to be erased by Twitch because they have different opinions and don't cater to the forced META of ideas currencly going around. 

There's something like Bit.Tube, but I personally think a streaming site on XRP could be way better if it was done correctly. XRP is also a lot more pronounced than TUBE and a blockchain version of Twitch is needed atm, the censorship is only going to get worse and people's livelyhoods are ruined because they have different ideas and get their identity erased because some dude power tripping is too insecure to acknowledge that people might see the world differently than them.

Yeah Tron.Bet is cool and all but I would prefer to see something that's actually usable like a streaming platform. 

I wonder how much it would cost to run it too,  using something like Google Cloud platform to power it until there's enough money to build your own infrastructure. Payments could be processed via XRP and allow people to buy XRP with BTC/ETH/DOGE. Maybe make 5% of all donations go to funding the servers? Better than Twitch taking half.



-The streamer would be able to receive the payment instantly. No waiting 4 weeks for a check 

-Would promote use of the coin rather than being purely speculative

-Creating a censorship resistant site is much needed in today's world

-Allows users to use other forms of cryptocurrency to buy XRP. XRP is the base trading pair because it is the fastest and allows streamers to receive instant payments and people could always cash out in the Crypto of their choice.



It costs money to run



-Would there be anyway for a corporation to shut down the website if they didn't like it? 


You could automatically send earned coins to your cold wallet and you could keep a certain percentage in your hot wallet, etc.

This still needs a lot of work, but what would the benefits of using XRP as the base currency be (apart from it being the second top crypto in the world)? 


Any thoughts appreciated

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One benefit of using XRP versus other wallets is that the wallet costs a little bit of XRP to make, so spamming the stream site with gay **** or whatever wouldn't be incentivizing unless you were making money on it or you have money to burn.

I could see there being an issue of people misrepresnting their stream or making NSFW content like child-****, so there would need to be some kind of moderation system. Maybe it would have to be community-based and if it gets so many flags then the content is looked at by a moderator and determined if it breaks the rules, though the rules would have to be clearly stated and defined so there is no 'wiggle room'. 0 tolerance for specific items that are illegal and IP ban and block the wallet from earning any additional revenue via the site.

I would prefer it to be some kind of live-performance site rather than focusing strictly on 'gaming'. Maybe something where DJs could perform, or people could play their instruments for money, even talk, etc. 

Maybe contract with performers,  clubs, concert venues, etc. to give them an option to stream and give people a way to watch at home and tip/pay, could be a good way to get additional revenue from anywhere in the world while performing to the world on an un-censored blockchain.

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