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Rippex Wallet


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Did you write down the secret key it created?  If so,  you can just import that key into any other wallet software.

Your xrp are not in the wallet,  they live on the XRPLedger distributed around the world.  The wallet is really just a way to hold the secret key and use it for encryption when you want to create transactions for the ledger.

So select any other wallet software or you can even directly use the key to create transactions if you can follow NODE.js etc instructions.  

How to do all of that is recorded on here and elsewhere but I don’t have links.  Of course there are various types of wallets and various risks and mitigation strategies associated with each.  Use the useful links pages on here to research all that.  I’m not going to be recommending any one thing to do because each person is in a different situation.

I hope you have your key...  if you do then you are fine.  I don’t advise keeping the key in it’s plain form...  best is to use an encoding scheme on it so if someone steals it they can’t use it.

Perhaps do nothing...  just wait a year or three and your bank might be able to manage all this for you.  Just keep the key safe.

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