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Ripple’s Lie About Its Santander Partnership


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15 minutes ago, Caracappa said:

When an article like this is written, it would be better FUD if the writer didn't show his hatred against Ripple that much. Every single sentence shows his biased view, which makes it less believable. 

But nice try anyway!

Yes I agree, he could have done a brilliant job by understating how Ripple are full of BS and let the cherry picked facts speak for themselves, very unprofessional.

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8 hours ago, Benchmark said:

How about you post all bullsh*t articles from tr0lly.com in one topic, mister @flanman.


8 hours ago, DucPeter said:

Mods, can we get rid of this FUDster please?

Such hostility! Is this forum about XRP or about worshipping Ripple?

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Why is the coin going to fail? It's tied to Bitcoin and several other projects. If anything whales will use it to manipulate markets so i don't see how your argument is valid. Just another FUDster trying to take advantage of the market state and cause psychological panic in people's investment. In-case you haven't noticed, the whole market is down so cool your jets.

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200+ institutions have an interest in supporting XRP to the extent they'll invest money. Oh no! That's suspicious. 

Wait, I mean, that's fantastic! 

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I had no idea about any potential nonsense with the tether token until @flanman brought it up and I still think that's a great input here but that article is bizarre. I hope fman is eating peaches and cream as an alternative. Either way, can you expand on what you're seeing?

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