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New Video Explaining Xrp as a Scam

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On 2017. 9. 12. at 3:10 AM, lucky said:

I doubt this. If Ripple's mission succeeds, even owning just 1% after having sold the rest, will make the company extremely wealthy.

But that assumes Ripple would continue selling, = converting rising XRP for declining USD. If Ripple succeeds, why would they want to own US dollars? I think there is a certain threshold of treasury XRP that Ripple will never go below, and I think that's way higher than 1%.

Once that threshold has been reached, and price of XRP has stabilized, Ripple's XRP holdings may even go up. Lending XRP for example can become a very profitable business. Profitability in the sense of aquiring more XRP.

Could you explain it again... ?

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31 minutes ago, zerpdigger said:

we've been over this a lot -- the simple solution is ripple can LOAN xrp

they dont always have to sell it, but loan at favourable rates

If big players start holding and loaning their XRP, wouldn't that destroy the XRP economy pretty fast (or at least make it very ill)? 

If everybody manages to pay their loans (+interest) back, the lenders will multiply their holdings (by factor > 1), that results in all existing XRP accumulating to those lenders over time.

If borrowers mostly fail to pay back, the XRP holdings of the lenders will shrink, and that's not good business. So the "pay back factor" must always be greater than 1 to make the business profitable.

Traditional banking (creating new money out of thin air when making loans) doesn't fit XRP economy very well, because the amount of XRP is fixed (or actually decreasing).

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2 minutes ago, serppi said:

big players start holding and loaning their XRP

not big players, ripple

it'd be done responsibly and in a way that benefits the network and xrp

they could be paid back in local currencies -- not sure why you're so concerned

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