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Binance users can now buy XRP (and BTC, ETH and LTC) with credit cards


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"Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted trading volume, has just made it easier for users to buy cryptocurrencies.

The exchange announced Thursday that it has partnered with Israel-based payments processing firm Simplex to enable purchases with Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

At launch, the exchange is supporting credit card purchase for bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC) and XRP. These can then be traded against up to 151 other tokens offered by the exchange."



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I see only BTC, ETH and LTC. Does anybody see XRP on their account? To me it seems that Binance is playing weird games. On Binance Jersey they offer BTC and ETH, on Binance they offer only BTC, ETH and LTC. When it comes to fiat, Binance is biased and is skipping the second largest crypto. Why?!

I really don't understand why people keep applauding CZ, they clearly are against XRP.

By the way, the premium looks to be 6% and not 3.5%.


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yup not possible yet.


but the text says it is:


As part of Binance’s larger mission to increase the adoption and mainstream accessibility of crypto, Binancians are now able to use Visa and MasterCard to buy BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP, and start trading on Binance.com within minutes.

I think just wait for some hours, they are comit the code right now. 

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