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Ripple’s “200+ Institutional Clients” Claim Is A Scam


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Always amazed at the effort or lack off that goes into these things, if you dont like it who cares dont invest in it, everyone is capable of searching the internet and making up their own minds....i would hope


from the same report about FTCS mentioned on that link

"The company expects strong growth during 2018/2019. In addition to the license granted by Finansinspektionen to emit electronic money, FTCS has also applied for an extended license to be able to approach larger market in Europe. The Payment Services Directive 2 issued by the EU enables Fintech-companies to integrate payments from banks. FTCS technical solution is well adjusted to take advantage of the new directive. FTCS has also applied for “passporting” to all other EUcountries. An approved application makes it possible for FTCS to expand to central Europe and the Mediterranean where traditional banks do not offer services demanded by small med midsized companies. Interesting for the future is also the license agreement with the Brazilian bank, Banco BS2. At a full implementation the agreement may yield net revenues of up to SEK 300m per year. The implementation is however still in an early stage but proceed according to plan. As the implementation continues at Banco BS2, the presented revenues are also likely to increase." 

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