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Bitstamp, the EU’s first fully regulated digital currency exchange, is today launching the XRP/BTC trading pair on its exchange. A digital asset that is native to the Ripple Consensus Ledger, XRP can now be traded with BTC, USD and EUR. 

Of all the digital assets on the market, XRP is unique in that it can be used as a bridge currency for real-time settlement, allowing for the efficient exchange of value across borders. 

And if any further excuse to start trading were required, we will be offering the following fee schedule for XRP/BTC trades in order to get things off to the best possible start:

0% fees until 28 February 2017;

50% discount on fees until 31 March;

25% discount on fees until 30 April.

As of midnight on 1 May 2017, the XRP fee schedule will revert to normal.

Full trading functionalities open today at 2.00 pm GMT, which is when the clock will start ticking on the fee discounts available. If you’re unsure about how to buy XRP on Bitstamp, check out Ripple’s handy guide here: “How to buy XRP on Bitstamp”.

Other news just in is that XRP trading will now also be available on Bitstamp mobile for Android and iOS from tomorrow onwards. As the year progresses, we will continue listening to your feedback and provide you with even more of the products and services you need!

Should you have any further questions about the launch of XRP/BTC trading at Bitstamp or anything else, please contact support@bitstamp.net. We’d be happy to help!

The Bitstamp team


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3 minutes ago, Xi195 said:

If we needed proof that the powers that be aren't happy with the volume, they extended the 0% fees time frame and eliminated the 75% off period. 

Good news. Will be nice to have mobile trading access. 

Where did you find this? Their page still states 75% off till Feb/28.

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