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XRP partners R3- Corda working with the entire Italian banking system

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Case Study Italian banks pioneer the use of Corda Enterprise for interbank reconciliation—opening the way to a full production roll-out https://www.r3.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Spunta-Final-

I am sorry Director. If there are contracts you will not see them, they are above your (and my) paygrade I presume but I am here for your support and I do service my accounts. To be fair with c

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3 hours ago, BibleChronologyXRP said:

I'm not so sure that all of this is happening without a clear regulation about xrp...  is there a link or something to take a look ??

I just posted this elsewhere, there may be progress soon - IMO introduction of legislation is progress in and of itself...


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1 hour ago, Theone01 said:

Can't see how they would use xrp for domestic transfers?

Would you be satisfied with a smartphone that only did domestic calls?  Once you are in the smartphone market you have to sell a product that does both domestic and international calls. 

The domestic payment services and international payment services are complimentary.  Once the Italians have set up their domestic service they will also want international services. Teh bridging asset links the Chinese or Japanese domestic services with the Italian or British services.

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15 hours ago, LordVetinari said:

The trial ran for 10 months and ended in Oct. 2018. So is it safe to say no xrp was used since during that time Ripple and r3 were not exactly on the best of terms? 

I'm all for more partners and bigger networks so hate to be a party pooper but it's the first thing I thought ☹️

Just a note that Xrapid was launched at the same time that the trial ended, Oct, 2018. Not sure it could have been used. 

Just realized this was for domestic...

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I really wanted to see them mention Ripple or XRP here but they didn't. Corda is so much more than Corda Settler and XRP is only a small part of that part. There's no guarantee they'll use any of it especially since many countries already have a RGS that can instantly transfer and settle within their own country. Basically, until they say they are using Ripple or XRP, I'm going to assume they aren't. From what I've seen in the last few months, that has been the most accurate position. So many assumption about X bank using XRP, yet when we check the ledger, there is nothing and later we find out that they are only using xCurrent without XRP. Same with the association theories where Ripple is connect to company X, company X is connected to company Y so ripple must to connected to company Y. So I actually want an announcement from the Italian banks or Ripple before I begin to get excited and celebrate.

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