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I’m out!!

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When I see comments like this I tend to think we're near the bottom. 

Out of greed, so many people didn't sell a single XRP in the last bull run.  Out of fear, so many refuse to buy in a bear market when prices are 90%+ down from the ATH. Out of greed, many bo

Remove the when moon mentality. Unsubscribe from your YouTube hype men, unfollow the Twitter conspiracy weak minds, and look at this as a long term investment. Look at it with the realistic expectatio

5 hours ago, RandyMarsh said:

What's the need to create a post about this - to spread your own insecurities to others? 

Yes mate exactly that, I need attention don’t I because I’m sad that my investment didn’t work out and I’m not going to make the millions I thought we all would. Please please tell me everything’s going to be ok??

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6 hours ago, AlibabaGrp said:

He's not going anywhere, he's emotionally too attached to XRP. He's like that threatening girlfriend who is mad at her boyfriend...

But always remember why 1% have more money than 99%. They do things 99% aren't capable of. A drop to 15c would get rid of a lot of 589ers and inpatient people, and I would love to see that 

Yes I think you are right on this one. Far too emotionally attached to my xrp clearly.


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On 1/28/2019 at 4:27 AM, Paddy said:

if and I mean a huge “IF” we can get to 1 GBP again then I’m out, this hasn’t turned out the way I expected over the last 2 years and I think im nearing my max patience of waiting.

So much good from an amazing company yet so little reward.

Good luck to those of you that stay the test of time however I’m not staying invested for 10+ Yrs like this looks like is needed.

Best of luck!!!!



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On 1/29/2019 at 1:10 PM, 2ndtimearound said:

Money is made when buying in a bear market, and selling on a bull run.  Money is lost when buying in a bull run and selling in a bear market.

Great post. I bought a lot of XRP mid 2017 and a bit in the Dec run. Won't make that mistake again. I've been buying every month since and especially sub 40c.

Even Chuck Norris learns things.

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I'm buying weekly right now, 100 bucks worth each purchase. I use to put that in the stock market outside of my retirement accounts, but decided to take advantage of this bear market. Who knows - maybe ill lose it all, and if that happens then it's what it's. No one knows, but this could be a once in a lifetime investment opportunity - and i'm not missing out if it's. I'd MUCH rather lose everything I have invested in XRP compared to not investing and checking the price in 10 years and seeing it at 100+ per.

DCA down under .5 now which is impressive considering I started buying in early Jan of last year, and down like 80 percent on those purchases. Easily the worse investment performance I've ever done with the exception of some option plays.

I'm planning on holding for 10+ years though - maybe longer, only in my late-20's.

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