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Ripple’s Cory Johnson Embraced Singapore, Named a Crypto Heaven


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From the articel:

...In a released entitled ‘Remittance set for a revolution with Ripple’, Cory Johnson states that ‘The places where we’re going to be biggest in is where it is most difficult to move money’. Citing regulations around cryptocurrency in Singapore, Cory Johnson, marketing head for Ripple called ‘Singapore, a crypto heaven. He appreciates country’s initiative of focusing on the adoption of blockchain technology. Indeed, Ripple is already in talk with MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) to adopt Ripple’s product but the authority hasn’t confirmed yet, Cory asserted.

“Singapore has taken a very forward-looking approach to blockchain and crypto, and with that, it is getting the results of some o the best cutting-edge technology, including using Ripple to move money across borders.”





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21 minutes ago, DreXRP said:


Do you happen to have a screen shot of the next page as well? According to the news paper the story continues on the next page 😀..

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