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4 hours ago, Dario_o said:

Each and every single day there's a new FUD thread on r/CryptoCurrency/

But looks like today it's a well coordinated effort because it's becoming way too much viral  :wacko:


OP edited his post with the following absolutely freaking laughable lines:

"Edit: in lieu of most comments here, we really should stop including Ripple in cryptocurrency forums, sites, exchanges,... Ripple belongs to r/CompanyRewardsPoints not here. Coin market cap and other sites should remove it from their sites. Also thank you for rewarding me "Reddit Platinum", I value it more than XRP since Reddit is actually producing something productive and people actually use it."


but then, reading through the majority of the comments (at least the top ones) i feel they may shot themselves because of the absence of real arguments against XRP especially compared to btc!

this thread has about 550 upvotes and a lot of comments despite of OP's irrationial and stupid claims - what is scary in itself - but it partly provided a stage for better articlulated and knowledgeable community members (than myself) pointing out bitcoins pow ongoing centralization and xrp's PoC ongoing decentralization and to bring some facts to this absolute blind puppets of ignorance!

its clear to me that more and more crypto ideologists get scared of XRP what gives me reasons to believe that they actually do see PoW's flaws and XRP's ongoing decentralization in it's PoC model, but this deeply contradicts their believes and hopes they have with bitcoin or overall PoW, and that leads them in conflict with themselves - so they start to hate!

Man they must really feel hopeless hearing the CEO of SBI talking about their plans with XRP-R3-Corda-Ripple and bringing them all together while simultaneously seeing brad garlinghouse climbing on stage head to head with the CEO of Swift raising ripple up to a higher playing-field no other crypto-project ever will be able to compete with - and on top of that the managing director of IMF Christine Lagarde regularly bringing up ripple as example for massive disruption in the finance world up to a warning attitute towards correspondent banking to move or they may be left behind

I for myself started to get interested in ripple and xrp 13+ months ago after seeing such tremendous efforts to talk down a project like in the above linked thread - i questioned myself, why do they hate this coin so much - i started to research - and here I am -- all in XRP!

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