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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

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Presently Bitcoin's price is above the Down Trend Line and has been for about 14 hours - the last stint above the Down Trend Line lasted about 40 hours before the price retreated.  I have the Daily and 4 hour charts below. 

As far as sologenic, I'm supposed to receive my airdrop today.  The airdrop has been distributed to most people, the price has retreated to a low of around .38 yesterday and has since recovered to .46.  I think most people have had an opportunity to sell so the bottom might be in.  Is Solo an exit scam - I don't know for sure that it's not  - but I am taking a chance on it.  It's my long shot play.

I've been buying a little Solo here and there.   

2 4 2022 daily.png

2 4 2022 hourly.png

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now that the pseudo lethal virus is being more and more debated in mainstream media, I could expect a black swan event in the markets but it seems that we could be in the clear for a solid episode of media utter frenzy later on this year. It could be that 2022 mirrors 2017 for the xrp/Btc pair. 

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Bitcoin's price finally convincingly broke through the down trend line yesterday with a 4K+ green candle on good volume.  

7 hours ago, dtpace said:

Please confirm this is a reversal @Eric123?  

The price has broken through the down trend and shouldn't be following the line down anymore.  Price will generally move in a sideways up fashion from here.  

1 6 2022.png

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On 1/21/2022 at 2:21 AM, MQB said:

This is the turning point. Either the 4-year cycle theory is right on target and we’re officially in a bear market; or this is the last shake off the weak hands and it goes up from here.

Which way did it turn into?

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I don't normally look at the XRP chart, but things are starting to get a little interesting with it.  There are 4 lines on the chart.  In order from bottom to top . Short Term daily close, Short Term daily High, Long term daily high, Long Term daily close.  All these lines look like they are in line to be taken out.

2 8 2022.png

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