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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

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Bitcoin continues the move sideways in the $42k - $43k range.  Hash rate is at the highest ever.  Bollinger bands are starting to tighten, MACD is positive and the price is approaching the down trend line.  I have been picking up some bitcoin here and there, it admittedly doesn't add a lot to my stack but I have a hard time passing up a discount.

1 15 2022.png

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11 minutes ago, MQB said:

Narrative Frame! Narrative frame!Narrative Frame!

When the price was rocketing, where was this guy?????

If this is about the Twitter post I made above, he’s been saying this for a while -


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49 minutes ago, MQB said:

That's when the market was down to the toilet, again.


Or he's part of the propaganda machine working in circles?

He’s been posting throughout. I just didn’t bother posting all of them. That said it’s worth looking into and DYOR.

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Bitcoin Continues to move toward the Trend Line - Bollinger Bands are tightening.  Hash rate is near the ATH. 

@RipleyThe guy in that twitter thread makes a bunch of assumptions.

First - Block reward plus fees = security.  This is not true.  

Second - Lower block rewards will lead to less commitment by miners.  Remains to be seen but I doubt it.

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$43,700 Gets Bitcoin's Price above the Down Trend Line that Bitcoin has been below for the last 70 days. I'm looking forward to putting this down trend behind us.  The price will collide with the line on sideways action in the next two days.  If the price continues to follow the line down I will buy more.   

1 17 2022.png

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