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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

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Just now, xrp-nuke said:

In contrast to 2018, now there are more mechanics to drag people into believe of never ending bull market: s2f, longer cycle, cycle will never be 4 years and list goes on 🥺

Yes. The people who got rich in previous cycles have invested a huge portion of their earnings in marketing. And did a fantastic job at that too.

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2 hours ago, Troote said:

One way of rephrasing this (which is not really accurate but illustrates my point) is to see OI as a proxy for risk.

Thanks for your detailed reply.  I understand your point better now.

The proxy for risk idea makes sense to me (fits my ELI5 level :) ) so that’s another rule of thumb for me to keep in mind.  Thanks.


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18 minutes ago, Eric123 said:

Looks like the Down Trend Line is not letting Bitcoin break through just yet.  The Bollinger Bands continue to tighten.  Litecoin's Bollinger Bands are very tight.    Guess we're in for some more sideways movement before the breakout.

12 28 2021.png


When will this breakout happen?

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