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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart


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9 hours ago, Eric123 said:

I think he did.  I"ve been a bit annoyed for a while now, (not just with Musk but) with the whole Electricity for cars = Good, Electricity for Bitcoin = Bad, dichotomy.  Someone even mentioned to me that TESLA was a green company, what ever that means and I almost went into the whole lithium mining thing, where the plastics for the car come from thing and where the energy for the electricity comes from thing, etc.  Suffice it to say, it's not as simplistic of an argument as people make it out to be.  I didn't plan it this was but after Bitcoin my two largest crypto holdings are not POW.  They are XRP - consensus and NEO - dBFT .  Curious that they went down while DOGE - which is POW went up.  Anyway at least we have a lively debate going. (for whatever that is worth)

World got mentaly unsound, we have too much people with a lot of power on media, whereas smat people simply dont have time to do that, on other hand we have too much smart people, that they think they are smart enough to speak about subject where they are not experts. And yes with all that thing "I want be smart, rich and entertaining" we falling down to chaos.

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1 hour ago, Baka said:

@Eric123what do you think will be the bottom for BTC?

I think 42k but if we go under , I think we can go much lower and maybe correct more during this summer 

If it goes down the 42k, than see you after next halving

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2 minutes ago, xrp_is_love_xrp_is_life said:

Imagine if only Ripple settled with SEC and then Elon tweets Tesla starts to support XRP. That would be insane!

Yeah but no, sure great to have a "use case", but clearly having Musk is not something we want now..

Imagine he starts tweet centralize, scam, etc.

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