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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

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Well guys for those of you that got in late 2017, this is what the beginning of a Bull Market feels like.  There will be ups and downs of course, but it will get much crazier with much higher valuatio

Just taking the time to say a huge thank you to you @Eric123. I have been reading this thread daily for a long time now. I don't often sign in to post something so this thank you and acknowledgment of

I was a bit bored, so I decided to analyse the reactions in the first 404(!) pages of this thread. In those 404 pages, 3938 comments received a reaction, and in total there were 11515 reactions g

13 hours ago, Hopium said:

i thought i already provided enough hopium to you all? and you're still in doubt?

i think you're overdosed to a point that you're resistant to hopium effect now, get professional medical help

Yep you are probably right. But I've made the jump, sold the shares, bought XRP and a little TRX. I am now numb, perhaps I've become invincible!

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13 hours ago, brianwalden said:

When your mom is buying alt coins, it's time to get out.

Stock markets are constantly getting money from ordinary Janes & Joes. But it's gone up in the last decade or more. Why it must be different for cryptomarkets? 

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1 hour ago, Dario_o said:

Stock markets are constantly getting money from ordinary Janes & Joes. But it's gone up in the last decade or more. Why it must be different for cryptomarkets? 

It’s an old crypto thing, as soon as granny talks about buying crypto it’s looking like time to sell 

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15 hours ago, WarChest said:

I was in a bar just before Christmas with a few fRiends that I hadn’t seen for a while. These guys are definitely non techy, non crypto types. One of them brought up that I had been right all along, that crypto was a thing worth chucking some money at back in 2017. Of course none of them did back then, and I understand that it was a bit complex  to buy anything but BTC in those days for average Joe. 
To have these guys now doing the math and seeing that they could have earned say x10 on an investment in the days of 0% interest on their banking is, to me , telling. Mainstream is waking up, and some of those are moms too.

What they are saying is right, however, we XRP investors have been losing a lot of time waiting XRP to explode. 

If you invest the same amount of money and time to the top 3 crypto in 2017, you should have your return well justified in 2021. Just look at xrp price makes me sad...

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25 minutes ago, Eric123 said:

Bitcoin is pushing up to the top of the Bollinger Bands, volume is increasing.  Still waiting on our break out.  I expect the price to break through the previous ATH on high volume and probably cross $60k before we see any kind of pause in the movement.

XRP still doesn't want to join in.  MACD is still bearish.

Bollinger bands continue to tighten on basically all the ALTs I follow, LTC, XRP, NEO, OMG, DGB - and even ETH's have been tightening for the last 2 days.  This calm trading in ALTs may last a while but the storm is coming.

5 11 2021.png


Now seems a good moment to enter Alt coins if you have spare cash.

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9 minutes ago, Nat99 said:

Could you share a reasonably target for OMG? Is 2x previous ATH possible, i.e. sth like $50?

I have high hopes for OMG.  I'm hoping for over $100 this year. 


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