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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart


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4 minutes ago, Eric123 said:

Wallstreetbets on reddit, pumping xrp?  It's breaking out.


Poor guys.. they should know pumping XRP it's a lost cause due to the amount of whales out there ready to dump


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BTC is flat/slightly negative.

XRP with upward pressure. Green boxes are where retail traders who are currently short will have placed their stop losses. A stop loss of a short position is a buy order.

Expect sharp movements through those levels, should they be reached.

4h candle close above 0.44514 would make things very bullish. 2h and 35 mins to go.





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Just now, Baka said:

XRP is so bullish since yesterday , if it's from the pump group it sucks tho 

I can’t seem to imagine it is, I’d say it’s more likely the ‘reply’ although that didn’t actually give much. 

we’ll see, how we doing? Loving this

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16 hours ago, Dario_o said:

How do you know? Where do you get the info?

retail traders generally place their stops above/below the wicks. More sophisticated traders "hunt" these stops not so much for doing harm to retail traders, but because stops represent liquidity.

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