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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart


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2 hours ago, Trentsteel said:

Feisty little imp, is Baka today, 

In one sentence, says he would not disrespect you and then a few mumblings later calls you out for being wrong on many occasions..,,, unbelievable Jeff😂😂🤪

I'm not attacking him but I've been here since 3.5 years , I know some people who used to post charts , like @Eric123 or @molten and some others getting mocked by members . never understood this attitude even thought I was bearish myself (and was right like most of us bearish kids) , no need to blame others who try to see where we ' re going .

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7 hours ago, AlejoMoreno said:


Most of you guys have been in this market long enough to know how unpredictable and voltaile it is.

Is it really necessary for us to mention and highlight when any of us are wrong?

If anybody is "right" all of the time, surely, they aren't in this thread; they are already making a killing $$$ and spending their time doing other things.

Don’t worry, it’s all a bit of fun, now go defrost that meat because the time is now right😬 if it all goes down hill from here I’ll start a go fund me page, to buy you some more meat 👍

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What can I say bout Bitcoin now other than it's looking good.  Think this is the end of 2016 all over again.  LTC is almost $80 and ETH is looking at breaking through $500.  


Dow Flat, Bitcoin Up, Dollar UP, Gold Down


As I have mentioned in the past there are only a few people whose opinions I really take seriously regarding Bitcoin/Crypto. They are:

Andreas Antonopoulos, Raoul Pal, Tim Draper, Max Keiser, Mike Novogratz  - These guys are certainly worth checking out.  Max Keiser thinks the price goes to $28k before a significant pull back.



11 19 2020.png

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@BillyOckham it starts to build up , but we are far far from euphoria mode , so when/if it happens .. be sure that XRP won't stay under 1$ , I can't predict any price and I have no clue about this , many people say 7-13$ easily , let' s see. 

I'm not even sure I'll have XRP left at those price that's the problem. oh yea I will , as I planned to keep 5% for 10 years .

@manateehunterWe all do.. and that's how people get tricked. the rush feeling will make them buy even at those high prices after 36 weeks of increase (BTC).

If you are smart enough , you will keep your position and buy the lows , because there is a lot chance that we get a 30% pull back really soon before going back up;  to 100k$ and maybe more..

I predict 22K then down to 16-17k before going back up to 25 , then 50 , then 80-100...

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