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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

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Just taking the time to say a huge thank you to you @Eric123. I have been reading this thread daily for a long time now. I don't often sign in to post something so this thank you and acknowledgment of

Well guys for those of you that got in late 2017, this is what the beginning of a Bull Market feels like.  There will be ups and downs of course, but it will get much crazier with much higher valuatio

I was a bit bored, so I decided to analyse the reactions in the first 404(!) pages of this thread. In those 404 pages, 3938 comments received a reaction, and in total there were 11515 reactions g

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13 minutes ago, Eric123 said:

Good Price Action for Bitcoin

LTC had a big move.  ETH killing it.  Even XRP joining in.

And Bitcoin's Hash Rate Just hit an All Time High.

https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/bitcoin-hashrate.html#3m    139.68 Exa hashes

Still making Mula on that call you made with ETH at $180. 

You da man!!!

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18 hours ago, Eric123 said:


...I suspect after the US releases the next round of stimulus and people replenish their robinhood accounts, the stock market will get another infusion of dumb money, by next year (or sooner) when the stock market crashes the uninitiated masses that lost all their stimulus cash will start to pile into crypto for the "next easy buck" and that will be one of the factors contributing to pushing the cyrpto markets to ATH's.  To those of us in now,  we are positioned well...

Will this event be at the same time as the Chinese new year?


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27 minutes ago, Eric123 said:

@Milly238 a little less than 20x  or there about from previous ATH for bitcoin $1k to $20K  so $20k to $400k hopefully.  XRP basically moved from .005 to 3.60 so about 720x.  I don't think XRP will go 700x again, but maybe $15, $20? 

Hopefully XRP does half of that. I’m good with x300 but looking at the monthly charts from the ATH $3.80  it may do x63. 

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Massive resistance at $10500 taken out with relative ease today. BTC ran a bit above the Bollingers and is getting into overheated territory but may run a bit more before coming back and re-testing that critical level to establish support and then it should be off to the races from there.

XRP also responding nicely and I am feeling good about that entry thus far.

Precious metals are in full insanity mode.  US dollar is in free fall. 



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