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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

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Just taking the time to say a huge thank you to you @Eric123. I have been reading this thread daily for a long time now. I don't often sign in to post something so this thank you and acknowledgment of

I was a bit bored, so I decided to analyse the reactions in the first 404(!) pages of this thread. In those 404 pages, 3938 comments received a reaction, and in total there were 11515 reactions g

@Eric123 My perspective is a bit different;  in my opinion the alt season begins once BTC momentum tapers off and the price becomes stuck.  While this may take place after BTC hits some ridiculous ATH

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Bitcoin's Bollinger Bands are tightening  and the Price is above the Downtrend line. - On the Weekly and Monthly chart things look even better  - The end of the Week and the End of the Month will Break those charts as well.  Price just broke the recent down trend  - I see the price moving up from here a close over $10,500 and it will start to move higher.  

Look at LTC's chart Bollinger Bands been straight and tightening for 7 weeks - it's ready to blow.  

IMO given where the prices are too many factors favor a rise in price for the break to be down.

5 27 2020 btc.png

5 27 2020 ltc.png

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1 hour ago, jMusic said:

Price is starting to oscillate beautifully (think sine wave) and typically the amplitude gradually decreases until eventually triggering a significant move. Something is brewing and as I said a few days back I think it is a move back up to the $9,800-$9,900 area.


it's possible , but if we can't break the 10k we ll go down

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Blockchain industry forecasted to grow by an annualized compounded growth of 67% from 2020-2025.  How this translates to digital asset price appreciation is not able to be definitely ascertained, calculated, or identified. Bitcoin is in its own world as far as being an independent store of value instrument to hedge against centralized banking fiat.  My gut tells me BTC, XRP, as well as other speculative alts are worth hodling for years to come.

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