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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

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Bitcoin dropped below $10k which is not a very important level except in my opinion to gauge the media reaction. Moving above and below $10k should now become a non-event.

All Exponential Moving Averages look good. For Bitcoin, Lite Coin and XRP.

XRP's 50/100 Day EMA should make a bullish cross this evening Eastern US time.

bitcoin 2 10 2020.png

litecon 2 10 2020.png

2 10 2020 xrp.png

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Btc dropped from the last cycle peak of 10,200, but did not hit 9,400 as I had expected (I had also highlighted the area where it did turn but thought that was less likely). Now we look to have started climbing the first peak of a new cycle :

1. All up-trends still intact

2. Price crossed above FLD (fuchsia)

3. Displaced MA's are up

4. Previous cycle peaks are right-shifted (up-trend)


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