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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

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Just taking the time to say a huge thank you to you @Eric123. I have been reading this thread daily for a long time now. I don't often sign in to post something so this thank you and acknowledgment of

Well guys for those of you that got in late 2017, this is what the beginning of a Bull Market feels like.  There will be ups and downs of course, but it will get much crazier with much higher valuatio

I was a bit bored, so I decided to analyse the reactions in the first 404(!) pages of this thread. In those 404 pages, 3938 comments received a reaction, and in total there were 11515 reactions g

So the btc price did not reach my projected value of 8000-8100, but got somewhat close at 8238. The timing was also off by a couple of days.

I believe we have started the next cycle which should lead btc significantly higher.


1. Red envelope is pointing up, green and blue are flat.

2. Red and Green MA's are pointing up, blue is flat (but should turn soon).

3. Price has broken above FLD (fuchsia).

4. Price is above VTL (dotted white).

5. Could meet resistance at the horizontal mean line (blue, Gann octave center of gravity)

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2 hours ago, baobeiiiii said:


Haven't we had THREE cup and handle formations prior to this that were all a fail?

You could argue that your #3 was a cup and handle fail.... #1 and #2 are stretches to say the least.

No pattern is correct 100% of the time.  The strongest patterns run around 75% accuracy.

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@Eric123I'm seeing it as a 2.4x run during the months after the last 50/100 EMA cross, not near 4x. Still it's good stuff if it happens again, thanks for bringing it to our attention! However, I wouldn't put much hope in it at all; last few crosses before that didn't do much, if anything, and it's just a trailing indicator anyway. Even the cross we are talking about, price went sideways for ages after that.



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