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Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

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Well guys for those of you that got in late 2017, this is what the beginning of a Bull Market feels like.  There will be ups and downs of course, but it will get much crazier with much higher valuatio

Just taking the time to say a huge thank you to you @Eric123. I have been reading this thread daily for a long time now. I don't often sign in to post something so this thank you and acknowledgment of

I was a bit bored, so I decided to analyse the reactions in the first 404(!) pages of this thread. In those 404 pages, 3938 comments received a reaction, and in total there were 11515 reactions g

Just now, baobeiiiii said:

I'ma stay on topic... but the guy panicked, he was hating on XRP all over this forum, panic sold... gloated when it went down and now is acting like a victim/hero. 


Ignore is your best friend :)

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XRP 30 minute shows higher highs and higher lows (mostly).  Momentum falling now but AO still in positive territory.  Chart above the cloud. Cloud turning green. We might have more upside, but look how the red candles (not the AO bars, but the candlesticks) are bigger than the green candles. Still some selling into the little pumps. That bites.


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Converted 10k xrp on CB to BTC back at 9k converted it back @12500, some good gains on zerps without costing me anything 😬.... now thinking of doing it again 🤞

Took a hit on the BTC dump with my cash investment but  still in profit due to exiting and jumping back in with profits, I’m thinking it will get back over 12k sooner rather than later.

XRP has been a bit of a let down but I’m keeping my main stack in cold storage, got to come good at some point 🤩 

keep up the good work, chaps 


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8 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

I would buy now if I had bought less at .40 - anyway a few months ago I bought loads at .30.  Not feeling gloomy but I am annoyed that since March 2018 Chris Larsen has been a whale that has been steadily soaking up a large chunk of the new investment coming into XRP.  I have always been OK with OTC programmatic sales and even Clover and Jed pulling out, I am not OK with the chairman of Ripple covertly controlling the market through whale activity.  He should have waited.  I think this has done huge damage to the reputation of Ripple and I hope that this bad publicity will cause them to stop their dishonest manipulation.

Apologies to the thread owners for an off-topic post...

I have been away for a bit and am reading a number of post likes this that make reference to Chris Larsen selling large amounts of xrp, but I cannot find any news items or references that detail what is going on. Can you tell me where you are getting this information from? (if it's on one of the xrpChat private clubs, then it's no use to me as I cannot view them). I have done a fair amount of ledger analysis tracking xRapid activity and seen many wallets that make daily sales, but I am not aware of who owns them etc etc, I'd be interested in seeing the source of the allegations about large sales. Thanks.

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7 hours ago, Benchmark said:



I beg your pardon @Benchmark but I went through that thread as well and couldn't find any solid analysis apart from average XRPchat Joes calling each other FUDsters and posting GIFs. Maybe I am just blind to miss those important posts. Extraordinary statements need extraordinary evidence. I would really love to read some solid analysis about the topic of Chris Larsen manipulating the XRP price over the standard programmatic sales, but apart from rumors "I have seen that in the thread somewhere and on Twitter too!" I haven't spotted anything sound yet.

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1 hour ago, xrphilosophy said:

To keep this thread on topic, and pursue the interest in the CL selling questions- it may be in our best interest to form another thread for that discussion.

If the thread that @Benchmark referenced (thanks) is the source of the panic, then I am deeply distressed - There is nothing worth reading there, certainly nothing I/we didn't already know. Please continue the TA on on this one. Even though I don't use it, I still find the speculation here interesting. I am not convinced that pattern matching is sufficient basis for prediction of prices, but combined with some ML and other data inputs, it would make an interesting project to code up a bot that trades based on the recommendations of @Eric123 and @dr_ed et al :)

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17 minutes ago, dr_ed said:

I think certain alts are showing signs of new life. I need to do some research today. BTC looks to me to be settling into a base. I am busy for a while but I'll be checking in when I can and posting some charts. Good luck to all XRP hodlrs.

XRP has been looking bullish for the last 2 days but the constant dips from BTC keep reigning it back in....as usual

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I've been looking for some easy swing trades. I only like to buy coins I like and have been following and have at least a good feeling about the project.

I have two coins that I'm probably going to buy...but I'm waiting for them to bottom. One is the Korean powerhouse Icon, which is the poster child for a good project beaten into a pulp....and Chainlink, which has corrected big off its recent big run up.




I'm watching these two and trying to catch their bottoms. I'm not a trader and I'm not online 24/7, so I might not catch it perfect.

LINK I like better because Coinbase has it and therefore I won't have any problems selling it. ICX has more risk, but I like it like I like VET. Neither of these will probably turn out to be a hold for me, but I think I can build some equity back that I've lost lately.

There are other good trades out there in this (hopefully) bottoming correction.

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