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ihilda new install instructions for linux mint / debian / ubuntu MUST TRY


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^The old instructions above still work and will at install the version 

step 1. install gtk-sharp

sudo apt-get install gtk-sharp2



step 2 install mono-5



step 3  istall ihilda. 

go here and the latest deb


download and install this binary


wget https://github.com/jargoman/ihilda_community_editon_alpha/raw/master/ihilda_community_edition/Binaries/Ihilda-1.0.2.deb
sudo dpkg -i ./Ihilda-1.0.2.deb

To run the wallet use this command using the terminal or press alt-f2





rippled is an optional dependency. 

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Some options should be configured immediately 






rippled is highly recommended for known stability and security, but you need to have it installed and running. cons stalls the network. overkill

rippledotnet is AMAZINGLY FAST. Cons, hasn't been maintained. Hasn't been tested. 

RippleLibSharp. Experimental may not be working

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