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SWIFT decided NOT to attend the conference on 24th January where the SWIFT and Ripple CEOs would debate!

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1 hour ago, Panosmek said:

LOL, he is a Ripple fan since the beginning. You think he is alone in SWIFT and he is making the critical decisions? Stupid to think so... As you said.. there are others, the powerful members that make the decisions.


Even as a CEO one has to follow the rules of the company. It might be that he personally wanted more cooperation with Ripple, but could not come to a decision with his full staff and the board (SWIFT is controlled by a LOT of banks). Now that the ship slowly begins to sink I wouldn't be surprised if a smart guy jumps off after remembering a 2013 gut feeling....

Never try to teach a Dutchmen how to trade over the globe.... They know all about it... and that includes the hassle and costs with xborder payments


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Being Dutch, Gottfried maybe fell victim of the “ Dutch disease” :  Wikipedia: the Dutch disease is the apparent causal relationship between the increase in the economic development of a spe

https://bef.latoken.com/davos  Instead of SWIFT CEO, the new speaker will be " Michal Krupinski, President of the Management Board"

I wonder if Ripple could be targeting some of the Swift staff, before targeting their client base. Weaken the core of Swift and acquire a foot in the door at the same time. The Swift staff must be

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Another interesting "looking backwards into GL's views on blockchain"


This quote particular remarkable ...


but I think there’s also room for the banks to look at the whole correspondent banking value chain, and see if there are ways to do that more efficiently.  



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The discussion ended with a vote on what's next for cryptocurrencies. Asked whether "the whole thing is totally overhyped and quite dangerous," only one member of the audience raised a hand.

That person? Gottfried Leibbrandt, CEO of the global international payments system Swift.


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