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When rich ?

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Never..xrp will never go over $1 because of market cap. Edit xrp will never go over $2 because of market cap.Edit xrp will never be used.Edit never be used by banks.Edit never be used by big banks..th

@Thomas666 This bear market has sucked and I sympathize with your experience.  I myself have been following markets (stocks, metals, currencies for a while (bout 22 years)  and I've been in crypto sin

You can be rich with love owning worthless digital assets anytime you like .  Rich is a mindset. 

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It will probably happen when we least expect it. I first bought BTC in 2013. It seemed like it spent forever in the low 100's. The price spikes tend to be sudden and impossible to predict. Just hold onto it and check the price only once per day. I know its hard to do, but obsessing about it doesn't help and its non-productive.

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