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Russia Bitcoin & US Sanctions


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I've been posting and commenting for at least a year about this very situation with sanctions and the need for countries to exit the Dollar (and SWIFT) via cryptos and for years about the accumulation of gold.  It was one of my main reasons for getting into XRP as moving funds outside of the reach of the US is paramount for most of the world.  Now with capitol controls of China on the rise again it's going to be an interesting 2019....


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Oh boy, oh boy... if ever there were a catalyst to focus all the natsec people on BTC's demise, that's it.

(Unfortunately, I don't believe it;  I think it's just more grist for the "BTC isn't dead or dying; buy!" mill...)

(There's some serious desperation when your coin needs rumors of Putin buying into it to keep it up!)

"Orange man bad.  Concerning/dark/serious crisis.  Russia, Russia, Russ - oh, Putin buying BTC?  Cool!"

Funny how that works... and I thought all the lovely BTC folks were libertarians interested in freedom.


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