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International Currency Exchange App

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I posted a similar query  in the zerpbox and received the response "its too difficult" - but I can't get the idea out of my head/ (I.e don't understand it enough to appreciate its complexity!) so can I ask again for some technical help as to why the following won't work?

OK -caveat:  firstly I am NOT a techie - but I do believe in Cryptocurrencies and have always felt that there needed to be a more regulated approach for them to be accepted by the mainstream society. Consequently I bought XRP around 4 years ago and hold over a million zerps.

Right my query is : if we are all lamenting the lack of day to day adoption or use of the ripple network by the guy in the street, why cant we build an app to do this? Why is there not an international currency transfer app using the Ripple network?

From a layman's view point I do recognise some challenges such as

1) getting access to the network quickly for a first time user. i.e I download the app and want to send $100 to a friend in Thaliand (who will receive baht) but I don't have a gatehub account and have never heard or Bitstamp or poloniex etc. Could the app create a sender and receiver XRP address to enable this?

2) getting fiat "uploaded" or "paid in" such that you can send it to a recipient instantly: Again if I have downloaded the app but do not have $100 sitting in gatehub (because I have ever heard of it!)  but have it in my bank account, how can you enable this transaction without waiting for verification etc of a new gatehub account? How could you accept the sellers visa card without risking a chargeback?

3) having adequate market liquidity such that someone can send/exchange say Gabonese francs to New Zealand dollars (for example): Could you start with the currencies for which there is a market and build from there? Perhaps having a basic  "buy" or "sell" foreign currency functionality in the app to help create the liquidity.

4) funding of the app: could this be crowdfunded??



Am I pipedreaming? I for one would be keen to contribute for a share in this.





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