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Ripple (XRP) Slashes A Whopping 8% On Average For $30 Billion OFW’s Remittance Market


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10 minutes ago, lawalkhalid said:

In general I dont like these hype driven/speculative sites, and these kinds of calculations doesnt help on my impression of their quality:


It has been estimated that an average of 8% charge gets deducted from every money transferred to Philippines, meaning for every $1000 transferred, a whopping sum of $8 is charged and the receiver gets $992.

Also I dont see any source for these figures..

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Also I dont see any source for these figures..

I’m with you. All those big dream analysis and wild price predictions clutter the board to an almost unreadable space.


Gone are the days with most of the postings worth reading for thoughts on vision or explaining or answering technical details


I’ve learned a lot on the boards like this one or XRPTalk and also on the official forum with regular extended posting from Daniel, Nik, Arthur, and even Jed. Now the official forum is more like a goasttown .... And the only one can learn here is a great technical price forecasting to those magic goals like 589, moon, lambo .... or the superdeals in the making with 100s of banks or Amazon or Google or WU and so on...


While real interest should go to tech and market development, or apps and usage with devs doing real things like Wietse with the tipbot or the guy (Warbler) behind Bithomp or the network building around interledger mojaloop coil... xcurrent going global with banks... xrapid making its first steps (yes it still is no more than that)....


Mods should act more firm to the idiotic TA and other wild price “discussions”. Those are ridiculous and serve to nothing else than false hope...


Sometimes I do feel here like walking into a kids room of wild dreams...

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