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Wondering about Blockpass (PASS)

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So, I recently watched a video with 4 guys, Head of Group Inovation, Societe Generale, Chief Marketing from Blockpass, Global head of strategic accounts Ripple and Head of blockchain and UK group inovation, UBS.

Now we allI know how big Marcus Treacher is in the "blockchain world".

I googled the rest a bit, but what I'm curious about it blockpass (PASS). Anyone know anything about it? I've checked the site, the idea is good.

I was told "Civic is for KYC" but Blockpass guy was on the same stage as Marcus Treacher, which could mean maybe they have a good plan just like Ripple (subjective, I know, but bear with me)

The link btw is:



Am I completely overvaluing the fact he's up there with the rest of the guys who (seem?) to be far ahead in production/realisation/etc.?

Am I seeing something that's not there, overthinking perhaps? is it simply a matter of paying enough to "sit with the big boys"?

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions/information regarding this and Blockpass (PASS) in general?

EDIT: It's KYC coin, so to speak. I was told Civic is (was?) meant for this. blockpass.org is the site.

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