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Brad & SWIFT's Ex CEO on stage at @ParisFintechForum

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18 minutes ago, Tripple said:

That's one hell of a line-up!

yep and the fact that they did put just Brad and this SWIFT guy on stage with a CNBC moderator means that Ripple has gained a lot of credibility in that space. Also among all the official tweets coming from the forum they mentioned just here not to miss this panel.... Means something with all those high level speakers....

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It's impressive progress for Ripple, 16 months after the 2017 SIBOS snub.

  • xRapid launches.
  • SWIFT say DLT is years away.
  • Treacher sets them straight.
  • Swift CEO steps down.
  • Cory J states Ripple is replacement for SWIFT.
  • First bank(s) start using xRapid.
  • Ana Botin says Ripple outperforms cross-border competitors.
  • SWIFT & Ripple Heads of Banking share a stage.
  • Super Brad & Gottfried share a stage.

Only one thing left ...



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