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Top 5 Cryptos EOY 2020 Predictions

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'Tis the season for predictions and there are plenty about the XRP price EOY 2019. But I wanted to get people's thoughts on what the top 5 cryptos will look like EOY 2020. I chose 2020 and not 2019 because personally I don't think we will see a radical change in the space in just one year, and so I think most predictions for EOY 2019 would basically be the same as we have now. 

Here's where we are right now on coinmarketcap:


My prediction for EOY 2020 is

1. XRP

2. Bitcoin

3. EOS

4. Ethereum

5. Tron

I think the next two years will be all about use cases and the Dapp and Smart Contract platforms will receive the most publicity from this simply because of the diversity of projects which will arise. XRP will be top because although its use case is far more narrowly defined, it will appear to people as the most 'legit' and 'serious'. I think until Dapps running on cryptos become more mainstream, people will still dismiss them as rather frivolous. People never view banks as frivolous. 

And bitcoin will be there because of its name and maybe it will be upgraded and be actually, you know, useful.

What do you guys think? 

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1. XRP 

2. BTC

3. ETH

4. ZIL

5. TRX


I think we will see some regulatory clarity this year which may be bullish for XRP, I also think we will see some bank usage of XRP this year in that scenario - possibly by BoA towards the end of the year.

I'm a bit conservative about BTC falling to 2nd because if it does, it probably falls much further as it loses the only advantage it has over other tech.

ETH is too slow to develop their consensus model, other crypto's will come close to overtaking it, and they may for a brief time. 80% of the tokens in the market are ERC20 though and that means price will stay high.

I think TRX will do well as they are one of the few with a working product, but initial price boosts bring in FUDsters, as they always do - Justin Sun uses some questionable marketing practices (e.g. giving 3 million to Binance as a "charity" donation...then they get listed as the first base pair of XRP). That affects price, as it should. While bitorrent is working product, the fact that its primary use is downloading pirate copied stuff will weigh on price and public opinion of crypto - we are trying to move away from all the scam/illegality perceptions.


My big dark horse bet is Zilliqa, they are working with a fair few media companies with some questionable moves happening with some people making the link between ZIL and facebook's new cross border payment blockchain initiative. It takes a long time to develop your own platform, so they probably use someone else's, with what's happened at coinbase/other moves it wouldn't surprise me if this was true. Also high TPS and a blockchain 3.0 infrastructure - if that's what people call it nowadays.

I left ADA out - it has loads of potential, amazing coding and team/resources, but the fact that it uses Haskell will be its downfall. Major developers are unlikely to pick it up for that reason. I remain flexible, if I see things changing and projects start picking it up/running ICO's on it instead of ETH it confirms the fact that it is an ETH killer, but I remain extremely skeptical. Still hold some, looking to sell after it's added on coinbase.



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1 hour ago, Agrilax said:

I'm a bit conservative about BTC falling to 2nd because if it does, it probably falls much further as it loses the only advantage it has over other tech.

With the Nasdaq opening its platform, to be followed by others for sure, I think BTC will be near the top for the foreseeable future almost regardless of how it performs tech wise. This is the digital gold argument and that will strengthen as BTC becomes increasingly exposed to traditional investors. 

Also the market itself will still be tied to BTC throughout 2019 and some of 2020 in my opinion. Therefore BTC slipping down by itself seems unlikely.

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