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New Prediction Game for the 4 quarters of 2019, please write your prediction.

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17 hours ago, phcc said:

The crystal ball is in the shop, thus, casting a gaze upon the muddy and spent tea leaves:

Q1 <-> Q4: US$ 0.34 average. We will not see => US$ 1.00 before 2021.

Happy to be wrong though.

@ripplewaytogo- "I would love to do it but with 1 kid and another on the way I wont have the time to do it this year."

I guess your hubby gets to keep his Lego sets and your end of the bargain produced the new offspring? :kiss3:


Nope the bet is on going, its a 5 year bet:) I still have 4 years for XRP to double it. Always wanted another kid, just didn't expect it so soon. Hopefully another girl:) Fingers crossed

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Q1:  $ 0.73 (not much happening, last spring test and then gradual increase to parabolic moment)
Q2:  $ 3.82 (retest of ATH but bounces of resistance for a while. People selling who we're in red since last ATH)
Q3:  $ 17.32 (breaks trough resistance, FI's investing because deemed no security, Xrapid build up volume and lots of FOMO enters)
Q4:  $ 11.74  (Xrapid runs in more corridors, but FOMO ends and sell of retail investors starts. Luckily less volatility because of liquidity and FI's so no 90% drops anymore)

2020:  More corridors open up with volume, more FI's hoarding XRP, price towards $ 50

2021: Nuclear fallout, back to the stone age where we trade triskelion shaped rocks with eachother for food.

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 Q1: $0.25 (BTC ETF gets denied, causing the lowest levels to be seen during this bear market. Further, Bakkt is delayed once again for an unknown amount of time due to "regulatory uncertainty" and "technical issues")

Q2: $0.4 (lots of sideways action)

Q3: $0.9 (slowly going upward, however, upward movement is hindered due to people taking their money out of crypto)

Q4: $2 (Gaining some pace. However, upward movement is still hindered by people taking their money out of crypto)


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Please state your predictions in USD - otherwise I will have to use the actual exchange course when creating/updating the document which will happen in February (after I have moved). Also, I will only consider comments made until end of January.

By the way, we could also make it a monthly prediction, if you want.

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