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Many of my comments have been about how I think PSP's or bank software providers are the way Ripple can exponentially grow the network they are attempting to build.

This hypothesis leads me to check out various PSP's and software providers frequently for any new information they may put out in relation to Ripple.

ACI Worldwide posted this video back in September and I think is ties in pretty directly to where the world is headed:


This video makes it very clear to me that banks are quickly realizing that Swift can't go it alone anymore.  ISO20022 + Blockchain (Ripple) are probably the way to the future, a defined interoperable messaging system and a settlement system will allow real time cross boarder payments.

I don't think banks themselves can move quickly enough to update old payment rails and I don't think Ripple really wants to go through the trouble of plugging in each individual bank.

Ripple needed to "get the ball rolling" and prove that some entities saw the benefits of their network and increase its value so they partnered "directly" with their first 100-200 partners.

I believe we are getting very close to the point where one day banks will turn to their PSP/Banking Software and find an option to send a payment that settles in minutes at an extremely cheap cost.

These benefits will increase over the next several years as National RTGS systems go live with Open API's and PSP's can directly plug into the entire domestic network.  These RTGS' will be connected through the ILP and XRP will transfer/settle value across them all.

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