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Christmas Manipulation

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42 minutes ago, Riseup said:

Manipulation or not, thats crypto. If people are against bankers and regulation then this is what you get, manipulation. If there are no regulation then there would always be big whales who can do miracles for them, and **** for others.

Agreed. Without regulations, crypto won't recover. It may pump again, but not like it did in the past.

Some may ask why? Because too many people got burned the last time when the prices got pumped.

All we're doing now is following BTC. Who is going to buy BTC at 20k again after the last price collapse and market instability? You gotta be pretty naive as an investor if ya do lol. 

The sooner we get regulations kicking in and holding exchanges accountable, the sooner the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan's join the party. Yes, they will make money, too.  But, who cares. You're in that early. 

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1 hour ago, Mr_Cambridge said:

All we're doing now is following BTC.

Been doing some reading on stock and other Finance "stuff" everybody follows. We just happen to Blame BTC for the one to follow. It is more or less inmature to Blame BTC.
(I am not a BTC fan, just speaking from another perspective. BTW If you want to invest in a Coin that does not follow BTC - try Modea [MDA] )

Happy Holidays everyone!

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7 hours ago, Eric123 said:

So at Midnight on Christmas a huge dump for bitcoin.  It's almost as if someone is purposely trying to drive the price down. Hmmm.

Christmas btc.png

Let’s just take an example.  If I bought 100,000 or 1 M worth at around 0.30, why wouldn’t I sell those at a 33% gain at 0.40?  That would be a 33k or 330k profit.  Buy more later....

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