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XRP the Base on Binance

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14 hours ago, quetzalcoatl said:

How anyone is selling right now is beyond me. There is not 1 week that goes by without something going right for XRP. 

I’ll tell you exactly why. 

Many people bought in heavily over the past few months, even to the point of over-extending and buying more than they could afford. They knew that they would have to sell in December, in order to buy Christmas gifts and pay bills, but they didn’t want to risk out the possibility of an EoY super-rally. They knew quite well that there was a very real possibility that the plan would fail and they wouldn’t make any huge gains, but they also felt confident that they wouldn’t suffer a huge loss, so they figured they’d let it ride as long as they could. Now they are buying Christmas gifts. 

These people are very eager to get back in ASAP after the holidays, and are hoping prices stay low until tax returns come in, so that they can buy back in. 

Source: my own situation, and several people I work with. 

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CZ says they are adding XRP base pairs.  

Every time the pair currency increases, it increases network effect. Because exchange efficiency increases, it becomes easier to use. And XRP expands its applications and demand increases. I

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Glad it worked out for you, very easily could have gone the other way.   I give all this credit to our BTC pairing.  As much as i **** talk Bitcoin, Satoshi value of XRP has held so tremendously well we've hardly lost any ground compared to most other coins.  And if BTC pumps look out, holding Satoshi level could very easily get us over $1.00.  If the past is any indication... When BTC pumps-

  • Alts flow into BTC,
  • Then when the *** of bitcoin is sucked dry Alts will pump
  • Rinse repeat

Or this could all be ******** and we crash back to .04 (how i wish)

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